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Anyone can fall prey to alcohol and drug addiction, and millions do every day. Driving this epidemic is the perpetual desire to fit in, to feel good or to self-medicate.  Even in the case where people become addicted to prescription drugs, it is the pursuit of good feelings that amps up tolerance levels.  When one drink or pill does not kill the pain sufficiently or provide the buzz, euphoria or mellow experience, the impulse is to use more.  This subtle increase gradually becomes abuse, which often leads to alcohol and drug addiction

One Manhattan mother, whose daughter went from being a successful college student into full blown alcohol and drug addiction, described the experience as a living nightmare. This nightmare can linger on for years, taking its toll on health, relationships and finances.  For far too many, the end of their alcohol and drug addiction is precipitated by a fatal overdose. 

Despite these sad realities, the demand for drugs and alcohol has increased rather than abated over the last two decades. The steep rise in overdose deaths in New York has prompted a set of bills that would stiffen penalties for doctors and pharmacists who illegally sell prescription drugs, as well as improve access to addiction treatment.  This series of legislative bills will impact substance abuse prevention, treatment and distribution penalties throughout the state.

Substance Abuse Treatment

At Alcohol Rehab and Drug Treatment Centers Manhattan, our doctors and nurses are dedicated professionals who are aligned with the goals of our fully accredited facility to see every client achieve full rehabilitation and long term sobriety. Many of our clinicians have a sensitive affiliation with addiction, which makes them particularly understanding to the plight of those who suffer with the disease. 

Our programs that are designed for drug abuse prevention include:

  • Accurate diagnosis of a patient’s condition facilitated by a complete biomedical and psychological evaluation.  This occurs at in-take by our team of highly qualified addiction specialists.  This thorough assessment is instrumental in identifying any underlying issues that may have been the cause of the addiction.  It is also an effective tool in the development of a customized treatment program that addresses the specific issues of each client.
  • Detoxification is a process that is essential for most people who are addicted chemical substances. Our board certified detox specialists design and monitor this procedure to wean or eliminate toxic substances from the body.  This process is conducted with 24/7 medical oversight to address life threatening withdrawal symptoms.  Safety, stabilization, reduction of undue discomfort and preservation of the clients dignity are our primary goals and focus during this procedure.
  • Our rehabilitation programs utilize and incorporate treatment protocols acquired from our evidence-based addiction treatment modalities. They are also client specific in design and administration. These integrate the most innovative, traditional and holistic remedies that are backed up and strongly supported by both empirical and scientific research. 
  • Care options are determined based on the duration, type and level of addiction.  They include short or long term residential, partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient treatment programs.

Our comprehensive programs are administered in a medically equipped, top of the line facility where lives are being rescued daily from the grasp of addiction, restored and transformed.   

Don’t become a drug or alcohol statistic. If you or a loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol, call Drug Treatment Centers Manhattan Y and speak to an addiction specialist about how we can help you to stop substance abuse. Call us today at 212-202-5657.