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Authorities in Manhattan say that despite various drug abuse prevention initiatives, the expansion of the drug dealer’s customer base is taking a heavy toll on human life that’s too difficult to measure. One solution to the problem may lie in professional treatment programs that take a serious approach to drug abuse prevention.

Do-it-Yourself Prevention

Without formal drug abuse prevention education and training it can be very difficult to prevent a relapse.  Studies show that one of the primary reasons people resume drug use is unpleasant or painful withdrawal symptoms. Drug Treatment Centers Manhattan equip its patients with the education and tools to help them avoid a return to drug use.   

Relapse Prevention

Whether you are a drug addict or struggling with a growing dependency on drugs, relapse prevention tools are essential. The most effective way to prevent drug abuse is to understand some critical elements about drug use and prevention.

  • The importance of avoiding people, places and things that make it conducive to use drugs.
  • Being evaluated to determine if a mental illness is a contributor to drug use.
  • Identifying the triggers that promote drug use.  These may be different for everyone.
  • Getting treatment for dual diagnosis is a positive step in preventing drug abuse.
  • Seeking help for dealing with post traumatic disorders.
  • Addressing stressful life situations that you are finding it difficult to cope with. 
  • Moving away from an environment that encourages drug use. 
  • Participating in a drug rehabilitation program that stresses the importance of relapse prevention strategies and training. 
  • Accept that you have a disorder and ask people to help you when you are faced with a temptation.

The Right Treatment Program

The ultimate goal of any treatment program should be long term sobriety.  Relapse prevention and aftercare programs must be an integral part of the rehabilitation process.  Before selecting a treatment program, be sure to find out about relapse prevention, aftercare, ongoing support and transitional assistance. 

Drug Treatment Centers Manhattan offer various educational and relapse prevention training sessions for patients and their family members.  Our aftercare programs provide strong support systems that help addicts to handle substance abuse temptations.  For those who are concerned about returning home directly after rehab, we provide a sober living program.  In this community, recovering addicts have the option of living in a safe, drug free environment with ongoing access to therapy sessions while they gradually reintegrate into family, work and community life.

Recovery is a life-long journey. Relapse is a part of addiction and requires constant vigilance, knowledge and skills to maintain sobriety.  Call Drug Treatment Centers Manhattan today at 212-202-5657 for more information on our drug abuse prevention programs.