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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Manhattan, NY, 212-202-5657 – If you suffer from mental illness and addiction in Manhattan, NY dual diagnosis treatment can help you recover.

The term “dual diagnosis” is used to describe the co-occurring conditions of addiction and mental illness.  When patients exhibit symptoms of a mental illness such as depression, anxiety attacks or post-traumatic stress disorder while they are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, treatment is necessary for both. In some cases, it is difficult to determine whether substance abuse triggered the mental illness or the mental illness was the driver behind substance abuse.  For dual diagnosis treatment to be effective, the patient must halt drug use and undergo detoxification so that the mental illness can be properly assessed. 

Dual diagnosis is a relatively new, but significant development in the treatment of patients seeking to rehabilitate from drug addiction.  Because the average person cannot easily differentiate the relationship between substance abuse and a psychological disorder, dual diagnosis can undermine efforts to stop using drugs or alcohol.  Frequent relapses caused by emotional problems after concerted efforts to stop drug use may be an indicator of this condition. There are also instances when a mental imbalance such as clinical depression can mimic symptoms caused by addiction.  A hangover or a drug induced crash are examples of this. In any event, selecting a rehab facility with experience treating the complexities of dual diagnosis is essential.

You may have a dual diagnosis condition if you exhibit the following symptoms in addition to abusing drugs or alcohol. 

  • Difficulty coping with any form of stressful situation
  • Unable to maintain long term employment
  • Difficulty in relationships. 
  • Suffers from bouts of anxiety or depression
  • Known for frequent and extreme mood swings
  • Unable to control emotions

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The treatment for dual diagnosis varies based on the type of mental illness and substances being abused. Inpatient or residential treatment programs are typically recommended in cases where the mental disorder is bordering on self-hurt or the person may be harmful to others.  And, since people with a mental illness can easily overdose on drugs or alcohol, it is important that this issue be addressed immediately.  According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, dual diagnosis treatment must commence with attention to substance abuse. 

The primary concerns for people with mental disorders who self-medicate with mind-altering substances are drug overdose and alcohol poisoning. As such, detoxification is typically the first step in treating dual diagnosis.  People who are intoxicated or in a drug haze will not be able to fully participate in other treatment processes.  Detoxification stabilizes the patient and affords some semblance of mental clarity, however slim, and makse it easier to treat the mental disorder and addiction simultaneously.

Drug Treatment Centers Manhattan recognize that dual diagnosis is a serious condition that requires specialized treatment.  We take special care to ensure that patients with this condition are carefully monitored, particularly after detoxification, when the symptoms of mental illness can become unbearable without the usual fix.  Our psychologists and psychiatrists spend time with each patient on a regular basis to provide the in-depth treatment and ongoing analysis that is required to rehabilitate those suffering from this condition.

Dual diagnosis is a serious condition that can lead to suicide.  If you suspect that you or a loved one is suffering from this condition it is important to seek help as soon as possible.  Call Drug Rehab Treatment Centers Manhattan at 212-202-5657 for additional information getting help for co-occurring disorders.