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Medical Detox Manhattan, NY 212-202-5657– If you’re suffering from drug addiction in Manhattan, NY Medical Detox can help you attain sobriety.

What is Medical Detox?

A medical detox is the elimination of drugs and alcohol in a controlled environment with 24/7 monitoring of withdrawal symptoms by qualified doctors and nurses.  The medical detox specialists at Drug Treatment Centers Manhattan have emergency trauma training and experience to handle life-threatening medical emergencies such as heart failure, seizures and respiratory problems. 

The primary goals of our medical detox team include:

  • Maintaining the patient’s dignity, comfort and safety throughout the entire process.
  • Administering immediate medical attention in the event of potentially fatal complications.
  • Ongoing evaluation of the patient to mitigate potential problems and to minimize opportunity for complications.
  • Administer appropriate medication when necessary to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.
  • Utilize holistic or conventional remedies to stabilize the patient’s emotional, psychological and physical distress during detoxification.
  • Assess for the possibility of post withdrawal syndrome.

The medical detox process is an integral part of the rehabilitation program. The unpredictable nature of withdrawal symptoms makes it difficult to determine precisely how severe they will be for each individual.  Because chemical substances are mentally and psychologically destabilizing, the safest way to purge drugs from your system is with medical supervision.  Although not everyone is a candidate for this type of detox, it is best to find professional help and not attempt to do it alone.  

Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawals, particularly from long term alcohol abuse, can have devastating effects on the body. The alcoholic can become violently ill or experience uncontrollable shakes. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms have the highest mortality rate of any chemical substance. This means that alcoholics are always good candidates for medically supervised detox.

Drug Treatment Centers Manhattan utilizes various detoxification methods to help people to slowly transition from daily drug and alcohol abuse to being clean. Our treatment process is focused on minimizing the physical toll withdrawal symptoms take on the body. This enables recovering addicts to participate in their rehabilitation process sooner because they are more physically and mentally stable. 

We take a personalized approach to medical detox.  Since every person is unique, so should their detoxification process.  Some of our procedures include:

  • Gradual withdrawal with the administration of medication.
  • Rapid Detox; a procedure conducted under general anesthesia.
  • Holistic detox that may include acupuncture and other innovative treatment modalities that do not utilize medication. 

We treat many people that have tried to stop substance abuse on their own and quickly realize how overwhelming and dangerous the experience can be. The pain of withdrawal symptoms is one of the major causes of relapse.  When people resume drug use to overcome painful or dangerous withdrawal symptoms, they put themselves at serious risk of an overdose.  Most of these overdose events turn out to be fatal because people are typically alone when they take the “cold turkey” approach to stopping drug use.  It for this reason that we urge you to consider a medical detox

Whether you choose our treatment rehab center or another treatment facility to supervise your detoxification process, we highly recommend medical oversight.  Withdrawal symptoms can escalate from mild to severe rapidly making going it alone an extremely dangerous option.

If you are considering halting drug use or for more information pertaining to the latest Medical Detox methods call Drug Treatment Centers Manhattan today at 212-202-5657.